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Kyra K

Kyra was born in Helsinki in 1951. As a child she was mad about horses and used to ride her godmother's draught horses during summer holidays. After a fall resulting in a broken arm her parents bought her ten riding lessons at a riding school in Helsinki. Little did they know what they started by this…

Kyra K, founded in 1992 by Kyra Kyrklund, has developed into one of the world’s premier equestrian fashion brands. It has been focused on providing equestrians worldwide with high quality clothing and accessories.

As a rider, you want to have clothes that will stand up against all kinds of weather conditions. With practical details that make riding easier and at the same time gives you a uniquely personal feeling during practice as well as competition.

The fabrics are chosen and garments are specially designed for equestrian sports and outdoor life. The Kyra K wardrobe has been created around the experiences of world artists, with the single purpose of fulfilling the demands of all riders.